Selection of research & resources

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MPP Survey Question Bank

Created MPP’s resource to help news orgs build surveys as a first step in membership development


Workshops, panels, events and coverage

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ONA Insights 2018: Revenue + Engagement

Moderated an ONA Insights panel, “Creating Value with Memberships,” featuring Slate, The Tyee, and The Discourse.

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Media Party 2018

Led a workshop on membership design principles, member listening, and value proposition communication at Media Party — Latin America’s leading conference on journalism innovation.

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Interview with SembraMedia

Spoke to SembraMedia — an organization that serves as a catalyst for new news startups throughout Latin America — about MPP’s year-one learnings.

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Shorenstein Center Business Models for Local News Field Scan

Represented MPP at the Shorenstein Center’s industry-wide conversation on the business model landscape of local news in the US.