I was born in Mexico City, grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and graduated in 2017 from The New School in New York City with a BBA in Strategic Design and Management and a minor in Journalism+Design. I’m currently a journalism graduate student at NYU in the Studio 20 program focused on digital media innovation and a researcher with the Membership Puzzle Project.

I have a strong interest in the future of audience-driven and audience-funded journalism, specifically in how technology is radically changing our relationship to information and how public-service and civic journalism might thrive in this new landscape. I believe that true audience engagement and human-centered business models in news, along with the alignment of mission and revenue, have the power to transform not just the news industry, but our democracy as a whole.

I have experience in reporting, editing, human-centered design research, audience engagement and development, as well as business development and marketing. My academic background is based in design thinking as a methodology, and its applications to business, journalism, art and design.

I bring to each role that I take on my unique approach to problem solving and collaboration that combines design thinking and strategy with journalistic curiosity and inquiry. All aspects of my life and my work are informed by my multicultural background and my critical thinking skills.

I see the unprecedented changes occurring in our media ecosystem today as challenges with the potential to ultimately deeply strengthen journalism’s vital role in our society. Wherever my career takes me, I look forward to participating in the current news industry shift through my unique set of skills, experiences and perspectives in order to do my part to ensure that great journalism survives and thrives throughout my lifetime and beyond.